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"I believe Suki is the logomaker
of the twenty-first century."

-Carol Dean
Film Maker
New Zealand

The Light Code Story

Palo Alto, California, in the late 1960’s and ’70’s was a wild place to grow up. It was burgeoning with the intellectuals, students and faculty of Stanford University, where my parents had attended college, and the hippy culture that made everything ‘Groovy, man.’ So between our mid-century modern Eichler home, replete with glass walls (very ‘Jetsons’), my square parents and the drug induced neighbors/Stanford professors exploring LSD in their hot tubs, I had no choice but to turn out a little weird. But of course, my sole desire was to fit in and be ‘normal’—so ‘normal’ I became. (Normal? What’s that 😝)

Young Susan Satori with kitty, Caroline Semi Ink Painting

Defining Moment #1

When I was about nine years old, inspired by my Japanese third grade teacher, Miss Oyagi, I began sumi painting and discovered symbols coming out of the end of my brush automatically. That same year, I had a dream that shot me like a cannon into the center of the Universe. Shooting past planets and stars, I came to a slow stop and found myself in the center of deep, dark, quiet Space. No Light Source at all. Only the depth of Silence, all around me. Then… slowly... appeared a small golden light orb in the depth of that space before me… slowly growing in size, beginning to spin, building with enormous energy and velocity… birthing countless colors.

I remember the colors seemed to have a ripple effect into the Universe… and had a vibrational music all their own, touching everything in existence through the fabric of time space. It was Glorious to behold! Several times in childhood, I had a guide named ‘Amos’ who would visit me in my dreams and explain the workings of the Universe. And as I witnessed this beautiful light, I remember asking, "Amos… is that You?" And I heard his voice respond, “Yes. This… is what we all look like outside of physical form.”

So this is who we really were underneath our skin? A matrix of spinning light, color, sound and frequency…? Ahhh… I had no way to know at that time that it would become my mission in life to anchor and activate this aspect of our Being through a form of frequency art… called Soul Scrolls in the ’90’s and now, today, The Light Codes

That was the last time I saw Amos in my dreams and the end of that early chapter, though it continued to be filled with every manor of paranormal or mystical experience. It wasn’t until decades later that I would realize that if we were to freeze-frame that exquisite, colorful spinning light from that lucid dream, we would see the shapes and symbols of my art, but in two-dimensional form. These symbols are living, intelligent energy, the stuff of intelligent life, the stuff of Us. As I remember, that was the heart of what Amos was conveying.


Then one day in a college art class in 1983, I found myself doodling a pencil drawing of another planet… replete with crystals and metallic sculptures atop the homes and dwellings, acting as antennae. Finally, a series of glyphs and symbolic scriptures rushed through my hand… electromagnetic heat pulsing through me from head to toe… all of the hair on my arm was standing on end. I looked at my pencil in my hand, and thought for the first time, “Wow... there's Consciousness in this!” But still, I didn’t understand what these symbols were or what they would mean to me one day.


Awareness of the Language of Light has been growing worldwide in the last four decades, gaining momentum in the ‘90’s and early 2000’s and having even more today. But as a child I had no idea what these symbols were, or when they would flow through my hands. Finally, after many years of searching for answers, I awoke one morning during a two month stay in the Yucatan in 1997to a stunning male voice in my head with a British accent, dictating these words:

“This language is the original Universal Language seeded throughout the cosmos, including every planet and star system, taking form in and through all of the early languages of Earth. This is what is called a ‘tonal language;’ it is frequency-based and is the stuff of You. It is a Language of Light that feels familiar because it quite literally is the fabric of Consciousness that Builds Form.” Later that voice would add, “It is the pure Creative Principle itself; that which carries wavelength... and summons Form.”

This is the language the Light Codes speak.


Finally, in December 1999 I decided to make simple gifts for family and friends, and Soul Scrolls Transformational Healing Art was born. I have had the great good fortune of creating commissioned art for individuals and businesses in the U.S. and Europe. Today, while I still produce Soul Scrolls when commissioned, the art has distilled down into the symbols themselves and is brought to life in many forms through the cooperative atmosphere of partnership. It is my honor to bring you The Light Codes.