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"I believe Suki is the logomaker
of the twenty-first century."

-Carol Dean
Film Maker
New Zealand

The Light Codes

light codes

Thirty years ago, the Language of Light was virtually unknown. For those willing to step into relatively uncharted, metaphysical waters, it was an enigma, with few channeled books pointing to this arena of vibrational gold—the most infamous of its kind being the fantastical, cosmogonical Keys of Enoch, by James Hurtak. The most readable of that era, however (in my opinion), was Jonathan Goldman’s Shifting Frequencies. Chapters 19 and 20 are included here, linked below.

Today, artists and healers in this unique arena have become authors of many books, websites, blogs and Facebook pages with information and videos devoted to the experience and exploration of this exquisite, amorphous (yet highly tangible) Language of Light.

What makes it tangible is our own inherent ability to feel it. And everyone seems to have their own experience of it. Experience is the key word here because this language is vibrational, tonal… It is a frequency- and feeling-based language that speaks to the soul, bypassing the left-brain intellect where we get caught up in concepts. Due to its high vibrational nature, it lives at the heart of everything in Creation; the early languages of earth pointed to it—such as the early Egyptian, Sanskrit and Hebrew languages. Many of the characters are the same, or similar, in written form. The same is true when they are verbalized. Many Language of Light teachers will attest (including myself) that the vibrational micro elements of the Language of Light are the vibrational building blocks of the Universe, the foundation of Creational Intelligence itself, that summons Essence into Form.

What is known as Sacred Geometry is an aspect of the Language of Light. It is now well known and has been spoken of in esoteric and intellectual circles throughout history, prominent in early Indo-European and western European texts predominantly involving architecture as well as astronomy and astrology—when both sides of the cosmic coin were taught together. The Language of Light is primordial, subtle, vibrational.

This light language, however, from my own cosmic vantage point, comprises both the feminine/yin (light codes) and masculine/yang (sacred geometry) components that comprise the fundamental dynamics of Creation. The yin component, or what I call the Light Codes, are the more “fluid geometries” of vibrational intelligence (of light and sound) that then give birth or give rise to the masculine sacred geometric building components of Creation. Together they elegantly weave themselves, compressing higher dimensional frequencies into form, to create Structure in the third dimension.

These fluid geometries (Light Codes) carry a natural coherence that literally bathes us in the shapes of Love, Healing, Joy, Balance and Peace. Today, we have a clear opportunity to weave these higher dimensional frequencies into form consciously… and that is my mission on Earth, with other Beings of Light who have the integrity, grace and humor to bring them to Life!

The Language of Light, Part 1 & 2
From Shifting Frequencies
By Jonathan Goldman
light codes