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"I believe Suki is the logomaker
of the twenty-first century."

-Carol Dean
Film Maker
New Zealand

Exploring The New Flow State Style Of Coherent Design


adjective [ koh-heer-uhnt, -her-]

congruent; consistency having a natural or due agreement of parts.
harmonious; logical; interconnection; overall sense or understandability.
A coherent design
cohering; sticking together

Coherence is a term often associated with lasers or physics, but the term itself is finding new pathways in today’s world. As visual design continues to grow new feathers and wings to expand into multiple arenas, so is the language that communicates it. And in this frantic, fast-paced world, with both traditional trend components of Zen and Nature on the rise—Suki’s new design term, Coherent Design, signals an effective way to communicate the new ‘flow state style’ that is emerging on the planet.

And so it is that the flow state symbolics found in the Light Codes and the Language of Light hold key harmonics for our culture now. Charged with a high degree of healing energy, this bold metallic symbol script presents a naturally coherent design stream of shape and simplicity that simply... ‘feels good.’ Or… ‘really, really Good.’ The body always knows. And Forms such as these that take root in our culture also will chart a new course for humanity by helping us move out of our heads and into our bodies, into our hearts, where more of our Consciousness lives. (Ask any holistic bodyworker!) When we move our awareness down and out of the head (out of left brain critical/ linear thought and judgment) … we naturally move into the body, where we can feel Life. We begin to live life from the perspective of the neck down (feeling) rather than the neck up (thinking). Living deeper inside the body will bring the peace and grounding humanity seeks. And any environment created with Coherent Design will entrain it.