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Shifting Frequencies

The Language of Light, Part 1

From Shifting Frequencies
Channeled through Jonathan Goldman,
Sound Healing Pioneer
C 1998

Shamael speaks:

"There is a language of light. It is encoded into each and every cell of your being. It is encoded into the very fiber and matrix of reality.

It is is in fact Reality, as it can be known from your consciousness. The language of light is not an earth language as you know it although its elements have been picked up by some of your ancestors and utilized in several different earth languages. These are the mother tongue of your planet.

The language of light is an aspect of the Creator. When the “Word” was spoken it was in reality this language of light. From the Word, the primordial vibrations (note that we say vibrations) were sent out to the different universes and planes of existence that were to be. From this language of light, these different universes, planes of existence and everything inherent in them came to be.

The language of light is not merely a physical sound, nor is it a physical form. It is neither, yet it is both, for it is much more. The language of light (has) ultimately manifested as the physical plane, (itself). Inherent in this plane, and its beings and its sounds, is an aspect of the Language of Light. These vibrations were manifested directly from the Creator at the “beginning." This Language of Light was the Creator Being expressing itself, in order to know itself. The vibrations filtered down through the different dimensions, universes and realities of Being. On each different plane of existence it took shape and form. These shapes and forms and their vibratory level were unique to their plane.

The Language of Light is a composite of frequencies that represents all that has ever been or ever will be. It is found within your chants, tones and sacred mantras. Fragments of it are also found within your common languages because aspects of it are found within all sounds. In previous discussions we have spoken of sound as being the original manifesting principle and of how everything is composed of sound. These sounds are the Language of Light.

All vibratory beings, sentient and nonsentient, are composed of these vibrations. Your rocks, trees and elements all sing this language of light, and very purely so, for they are naturally aspects of the Creator. Your cars, computers and home furnishings sing aspects of this language, as do your clothing, buildings and what not. Everything that Is, is an aspect of the Creator and therefore everything that Is, is an aspect of this Language of Light. You yourself are composed of this language, just as you are an aspect of the Creator.

If you could see beyond the veils of illusion into the depths of the creation of form, you would see that all is composed of this language of light. Imagine you had a special device with a lens that could look beyond the dimensional gateways into the very fiber of the different realities. You would see that the fibers of these realities were composed of this language of light. If you had a very special speaker, you could also hear this language as it was originally created.

What does it look like? How does it sound? You would be surprised, because both the form and the vibration of this language of light might seem strangely familiar. It would be familiar because before you came to this planet it was spoken in your dream places. It was, in fact, the very essence of those places, for the very fibers of the different realities encompass them, too.

This Language of Light has many forms and these forms have sounds – they are in fact sounds. The two are one. The sound creates the form and the form creates the sound. The world of duality has twofoldedness. Unity has only singularity – the language of light.

If you were to look at this Language of Light in its causative form, you would recognize in it many of the letters of the earths sacred languages. In the highest dimensional levels, these letters are personified as living beings – enormous, glorious beings of light. From certain perspectives they are seen as straight lines that meet and form interference patterns. On other levels they are perceived as straight lines that curve below. These beings meet together and nest forming what look like lines that penetrate each other at different angles, creating a multitude of different patterns.

For those who perceive them, these lines spin, creating shapes within themselves as they meet, and their meetings create further configurations. In the forming patterns you can see the movement of the electrons around the atoms and the atoms themselves. If you were to look at the planets and the stars and track their movement over the month, years and eons, you would see these patterns manifesting as the language of light. These different lines were directly known by the ancient seers and were incorporated in the sacred alphabets of the sacred languages on earth.

In your ancient traditions, this language is understood to be the primary creative force. We have already referred to it as the Word which was in the “beginning.” The Jewish mystics understood this when their Lord said, “Let there be Light,” for it was this language that created light at the very creation level this energy was, first and foremost, light and when this light illuminated, both the darkness and the void became filled. This light brought light and life. It also created all that existed, from the planets to the quarks. These all filtered down from the creator as aspects of the language of light.

Hebrew was understood by these ancient Jewish mystics to be a divinely created language. It was called a “fire” language, delivered by the Divine onto mankind. The different letters were believed to make up the building blocks of reality. In the Jewish tradition each sacred letter represented an energy, the sound, a form, in essence. The letters were alive – a living aspect of the creator. From the perspective of these mystics, the language of light was Hebrew.

Did you know that you are part of this language? Yes, everything is. If you could listen closely enough or see deeply enough, you would see and hear that the very fiber of your being sings this language of light and is this language of light. It is the energy that makes up the electron moving around the atom that moves around the molecule. It is also the molecule itself, for it seems differently, depending on what is being sounded.

In the Hindu tradition the creator God is called Brahman. In that tradition there is the expression “Nada Brahman.” It refers to the Creator God, being Sound. Nada Brahman: sound is God. Brahman, the creator god, manifested Saraswati, his consort. Through the lips of Saraswati came the ancient Di’Ja Montrose, which the Hindu mystics understood to be the building blocks of reality. To these Hindu mystics, the language of light was Sanskrit.

The word bija means “seed.” These sounds make up the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. In Hindu thought, the bija’s seeded the very nature of reality. Many of you may have seen Hindu artwork depicting the chakras of the body. The chakras look like flowers (they are said to be lotuses). On the petals of the flower of each chakra are Sanskrit figures- letters of the sacred alphabet. These are the bichon mantras, which are said to make up the actual essence of the chakra. Each spinning pedal is actually the energy vortex created by these beaches sounding together.

There are many sacred alphabets composing the language of light. Sanskrit is one, so is ancient Hebrew, and there are others as well. The ancient Egyptian god thought would think a word, speak its name and bring it into being. This being spoke ancient Egyptian – also a sacred language and an aspect of the language of light. Tibetan and Chinese are also said to be of this language. All earth languages and dialects have aspects of this language of light, although many modern languages are creations from other languages and these are creations from still other languages. Your modern English has been bounced around so many times, it is amazing that you have any aspects left from one of the original sacred languages. But of course, there are.

Would you like an example of a pure aspect of the language of light? The word “Ma” (or we should more properly say the sound): Think about it – this word is found in every language and it always connotes femininity and motherhood. It is a sound uttered by infants everywhere: Maaaa! Even before there is conscious awareness of the meaning of the word, Ma is constantly being sounded Ma is a sound and word from the language of light. Feel its power!

From your perspective, you may wonder why, if mom is a sound from the language of light, it is not even more powerful. Why does the sound not border upon the miraculous? Why isn’t light created when it is spoken? Why do things not manifest when it is voiced?

We would suggest a number of possibilities: first, in terms of this physical plane, ordinary speech is a stepped down form of sound energy. As an aspect of the creator, sacred sound has traveled through many dimensional levels in order to manifest upon the earth.It has been transduced multitudinous times. It is, to state the obvious, the lowest of common denominators in terms of sound, since it is very third dimensional. It is the grossest level of sound that has manifested and it needs to be, since it is acoustic and Audible. In order to manifest to humans on the physical plane, sound waves must travel between 16 and 20,000 times a second, the level of human hearing this is quite slow compared to other forms of energy, which can vibrate to trillions of times per second, such as the phenomenon you call light.

Yeah this gross sound does the trick. It travels between the mouth and the ear of those using it and conveys information. This is quite marvelous! Have you thought how incredible it is that you can communicate with words it is a remarkable thing that with one word you can project under- standing of an object or a mood or a desire. In your mystical traditions the naming of an object gave the namer Incredible ability with the named object. This was a gift given to Adam, the first man from your old testament. It is a gift that humankind still possesses.

This is the power inherent in just one word. If you put several words together, the information exchange can be quite enormous. What a gift language of any sort is to the consciousness of the user! Think about the sound Ma. Think of the feelings and pictures – the emotions and memories that you can create simply by repeating this word a few times.

Your words have extraordinary power yet most are not aware of this power. What would happen if you gained the ability to actually manifest in the physical reality by using your voice? Think of that power – and the responsibility you would have!"

Language of Light, Part 2

"We continue our discussion of the language of light. To repeat briefly, this language was the original sound of the creator and has been known in different traditions as the word or the sound current. Its elements have remained in virtually every language. In particular, sacred languages such as Hebrew and Sanskrit maintain a pure encode meant of the language of light. As it filtered down through the higher dimensions it became physical sound and speech. We noted that the sound mod is actually a fragment of this language of light and ask you to reflect on the power inherent in that sound. We asked you to consider what would happen if you could actually manifest on the physical plane through speech.

You cannot at your present development create physical – plane manifestations through sound. You can say “car” and others will know what you mean. If you are waiting outside a restaurant with a ticket and a valet nearby, the odds are that the word “car” will cause your vehicle to be delivered to you curbside. However, you are not at the point where your vehicle would miraculously materialize next to you just by saying the word and you should be grateful that this is so, for as a species you are not yet ready for this gift. You would probably have destroyed yourself eons ago if you had this ability.

The sacred languages that stem from the original language of light are “guarded” languages, in as much as there are extraordinary beings associated with these languages who guard them against misuse. Otherwise, we have inferred, your average human might attempt to use them unwisely.

Think for a moment about all the pain and suffering that can be inflicted solely through words. Harsh words spoken in anger or fear can truly demoralize another person. What would happen if humans could you sound from that greater level of manifestation without the consciousness necessary for such control? This is why the language of light is guarded. Only those who have achieved the level of required consciousness may successfully use it.

If you explain manifestations frequently occur with some of your more seasoned practitioners of the spirit. These beings work with the energy of love and are allowed to use the language of light for the good of all. Sometimes there are even physical manifestations that result from the conscious use of the language. Those attuned to sacred sound can create many amazing manifestations. Thankfully they have the consciousness to use such a gift.

One of the missing concepts in terms of manifesting with sound is the knowledge that there is this language of light. This ignorance has helped lessen the impact of any of the mother tongues in terms of their ability to create. When these languages were used exclusively as sacred languages, they had much more power. They were used for chanting and prayers to communicate and praise the divine. They are extraordinary power became diluted more and more as the language began to be used for ordinary conversation and communication. Many of the languages remaining on the earth that are used for common speech are mere shadows of what they once were.

Also missing is the ability of humans to visualize the meaning and intention of the sounds. For most it is a lost art/science. Coupling human consciousness with (or on) a vibration can be extremely powerful. It creates a stepping up of the vibratory response of language to another level. We are not merely describing the ability to “see“ something while you are sounding; what we are describing is the projection of embodied consciousness onto the sound. It is quite complex, yet very simple.

As a precaution, certain safety mechanisms are built into using of sound for manifestation. These come from the guardians of the language of light to ensure that the language is not misused. In order to properly utilize the language, you must first pass through a gateway to fully understand the principles and practice. One begins the journey through that gateway by learning to love and to project love onto the sound it is that easy.

Most of your sacred mantras from your different traditions and body this principle and practice. Your “Om“ sound is one of the purest examples. The Hindu tradition believes that this was the primordial sound from which other sounds emerged. If you would like to understand this, simply begin by humming “mmmm” with your mouth closed. Then very slowly open your mouth, rounding your lips into an “oh” sound. If you can, try to nasalize the sound near its completion so that it travels into the sinus region and above. Then slowly begin to bring the sound down again into the mouth, gradually closing the mouth until it again sounds like “mmmm.”

If you try the sound a few times and focus your attention and hearing on it, you may hear or sense of spectrum of sound within that one sound. Many different sounds make up the Om; it is an amazing thing to explore. It will resonate your body and your head, your Athirah fields and bodies. It is quite balancing by itself even without any visualization.

Om has many meanings, including, of course, peace and love. It is a multidimensional word, for its meaning operates on many different levels. One level is an aspect of the Hindu trinity, which incorporates Braman the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. It is much more than this, but we mentioned this in order to describe what multidimensional sound is all about.

The language of light is, of course, multidimensional sound. When such a language incorporates on the physical plane (we know of no other way to describe it) and when it has maintained enough of its integrity to manifest as part of a language system on earth, it is a powerful sound. Many different traditions have chance that incorporate sacred languages, or at least our portions of the original sacred languages.

We have named some languages as being of the mother tongue, but we do not wish to cite all the specific languages that came directly from the language of light, or we do not wish to inadvertently miss One and offend someone. We would like to suggest that there are a few “primitive “languages that are seldom recognized as sacred (ask your indigenous or aboriginal peoples if they believe their languages were divinely created). We also suggest that some of the sacred languages from the language of light have not survived (does anyone speak ancient Egyptian anymore?) and are no longer remembered.

You humans frequently get very possessive about language. Some years ago Jonathan was with a master of sound from India who is a devotee of Saraswati. Now, as you may remember, Sanskrit is understood by Hindus to be a sacred language, a creation of language. It is, to its believers, the original language and that is that! Jonathan and his friend from India looked at a copy of a major international weekly magazine. They’re on the front cover was a story about the origin of language. A primary mother language had been discovered and traced to somewhere in Europe. Jonathan‘s friend found the story amusing and a little disappointing. Sanskrit was obviously the original language the article was obviously wrong.

And it was wrong, not because Sanskrit was the original language of the gods – the language of light – because several guarded languages have come down from the other planes as aspects of the language of light. Hebrew, yes! Tibetan, yes! And war.

Different planes and thought forms manifest in our manifested from specific sacred languages once again at this level there is no difference between the thing and what it does – it sound sometimes the sacred languages merge and create reality bases together.

There’s a new language of light that seems to be emerging on the planet at this time. Many are now beginning to tune into it somewhere able to tone it, some are gifted enough to draw it. For some it is a new language they speak, for others an ancient language they remember. Sometimes it sounds like gibberish or a composite of Sanskrit and Hebrew with something else thrown in. Sometimes it is composed entirely of harmonics. Sometimes it seems like an ancient, forgotten alphabet. Sometimes it looks like geometries.

For some, this language is the speech of the angels, extraterrestrials or gods and goddesses. For many it is uncontrollable. For still others it is incomplete. Sometimes it is a spoken language we can understand when we hear it from a world we do not know. At other times it isn’t it is comprehensible only to the speaker. We suggest that this language, as always, is only an aspect of the language of light. It represents the operating of consciousness at a level more advanced than the purely communicative level and it access is a level of much higher dimensionality than normally used by humans.

This new language conveys communication, but frequently it operates at a plane in which creation can begin to be experience. At times this new language can interface and affect reality and the creation of the physical, which was also true of your more ancient sacred languages. You might have healings and regenerations, fort resonates downward to the cellular level. It can create change and frequency shifts of unimaginable proportions.